The Famous Final Scene

Posted on 22nd Nov 2015

By Rob Havener

In September of 2009, I wrote Bubbles to the Drain for this website. I mention that because yesterday The Shoe was once again host to a double barreled gut shot home loss. For the first time in 441 days, Ohio State went home a loser. It was so bad the Midwest coast EP was disconsolate, and she has a pair of gold pants.

It was there for the taking. A defense that was peaking facing two backup quarterbacks, at home on Senior Day. It had an offense with the perfect quarterback to run the Urban spread and Zeke. Zeke the ultra-back, running toward New York and maybe the Heisman.

Then it was gone. Michigan State kicked a game winning field goal at the gun and the championship chase died. Zeke's Heisman? Gone. It leaves us with one question, what the hell happened?

The 2015 Buckeyes died of self-inflicted stupidity. It started with Cardale, who started 3 games too many. While Buckeye nation will never forget the 2014 post season, he was awful in the fall of 2015. When the change was made to JT Barrett the offense looked like the greatest show on field turf. The win at Rutgers showed what the team was supposed to be, a team with electric offense and a bloodthirsty defense that punished opposing offenses.

Then, the bye week came.

The QB got a DUI and a one game suspension and Cardale got to cripple the offense for four more quarters. This season has been a four month long case of indigestion. The team kept winning, despite the fact they have played horrible offensive football outside the state of New Jersey.

The end came yesterday, fittingly, against the last conference team to beat them. It took 714 days for Michigan State to beat the Bucks again. It was strikingly similar to the last win. Sparty was, the smarter, sharper better prepared and coached team. The same things were said of the Spartans when they won the 2013 B1G championship game against the Bucks. OSU was its own worst enemy. The game plan seemed to have a bitter Cooper tinged flavor to it. The defense, a group that was so fast, so good for so long got shoved around and committed dumb penalties. It was as if the Bucks turned in to a power 5 version of the Washington Generals.

So, what are we left with? The wreckage of a title defense that with some help could still in up in the B1G title game locker room full of guys already looking forward to their pro day and draft night and an angry fan base.

I have often said it sucks living here in the 614 after an OSU loss. This will be a long week here in the capital of the 17th state. The kicker however is that it is %ichigan week. This is a week that is always difficult, but coming off a loss? The sky is not falling here, despite what the fan base would have you believe. I think the Urban Meyer call in show will sound like a live witch trial. It will make for interesting radio.

Buckeye fans, take heart, redemption is just six days away.