118th episode of The Rob and Mob Show

Posted on 22nd Jun 2013

By Jeremy Lynch

After a wonderful Father's Day away from the mic, we get back to it this Monday, June 24 at 12 a.m. EDT (9 p.m. PDT) with our 118th episode. We will look back at the NBA Finals as Rob drinks some Hater-aid and then spits it all over Shane Battier. The former Duke star deserves it though ... he went to Denny's after winning the NBA title! We will also remind everyone to slow down about asking Golf Jesus, a.k.a. Tiger Woods, to come talk to them when he wins another major. He's won 14! Anyone else? Just Jack? OK. Just checking. Other things on this week's show will be a Lord Stanley update, what the heck is going on with Aaron Hernandez and "my" San Diego Padres are making some noise in the NL West. Should be a good show. Hope you join us on blogtalkradio.com