Ultimate BCS Playoff

Thanks to USA Today, we have seeded all 16 BCS champs and we'll start the tournament. Here are the seeds: 1. 2001 Miami 2. 2005 Texas 3. 2004 USC 4. 2011 Alabama 5. 2013 Florida State 6. 2009 Alabama 7. 2008 Florida 8. 2012 Alabama 9.2000 Oklahoma; 1...

Posted on 7th Jan 2014 21:53:49

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Hey Clemson

Nice no show last night. I think they just scored again. Oh, and ND, you beat a bad USC team so do us all a favor and shut up...

Posted on 20th Oct 2013 15:28:32

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Matt Schaub

4 straight games with a pick 6? Hey Matt, your Virginia is showing......

Posted on 7th Oct 2013 00:52:53

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Jared Sullinger arrested for felonious slapping? Jared, Satch is on line one.......

Posted on 3rd Sep 2013 21:47:38

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Johnny Football

A one half suspension.... ok. Good Luck kid. Satan comes to town on the 14th....

Posted on 28th Aug 2013 21:41:35

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