Shut up

Buckeye fans, please simmer down. It's a LONG way to the crystal football....

Posted on 28th Aug 2013 21:37:50

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Major Bummer

So, weget to hear the ENTIRE planet yak about can He get to 15 for 8 months? Yay......

Posted on 12th Aug 2013 21:35:29

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NBA West glossary update

Hou-12's a slut, Utah-Mormons, Port-77s, NO-Gumbos/Beignets, Denver- Shaws, Pho- Cacti, GS-Step n Klay, Min-Kevin Rubios, LAC-Dunk City, OKC-Durantulas...

Posted on 5th Aug 2013 22:42:04

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NBA East Glossary update

Cle-216s, Bos-17s,Mia-LeWades/Lil 3, Det-313s, Chi-Roses, Mil-414s, Brooklyn-Kidds, Char- Hornets, NY-Melos, Tor- Leafs, Was- Max contracts...

Posted on 5th Aug 2013 22:33:37

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glossary update NFL

Was- RGIIIs,Det-Megatrons, Carolina-Newtons, TB-Rutgers, Az-Fitzses, SF-Kapernicks, Cinn-Marvins/Mini Trons, Indy- Lucks, Jax-Local Blackouts, Tenn- Munchaks...

Posted on 5th Aug 2013 22:26:08

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