And Just Like That ...

As many of you know, I love Championship Monday. It's the sports convergence of two beginnings (Masters Week and baseball season) and one ending (college basketball season). On Monday night my inner fan got squashed at that usually glorious intersect...

Posted on 10th Apr 2016 07:40:00

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The Famous Final Scene

In September of 2009, I wrote Bubbles to the Drain for this website. I mention that because yesterday The Shoe was once again host to a double barreled gut shot home loss. For the first time in 441 days, Ohio State went home a loser. It was so bad...

Posted on 22nd Nov 2015 19:41:48

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Rob and Mob Show returns to roots

Multi-hour shows are back! As Rob called it the other day it is, "the epic return of the bad boys of sports broadcasting." The Rob and Mob Show returns December 28th to its redonkulous roots with a 2-hour show available on iTunes! A link to the show ...

Posted on 27th Dec 2014 19:42:49

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Prediction Time

Denver 24 - Seattle 20...

Posted on 2nd Feb 2014 23:28:27

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And the winner is

The BCS tounament of champions concluded tonight. In an upset the 3rd seeded 2004 Trojans beat the 2001 Canes 34-23....

Posted on 27th Jan 2014 06:38:09

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